Best Camping Dinnerware – 10 Diverse Products To Consider

Are you preparing to go camping anytime soon? Then you need to ensure that you get the best camping dinnerware as you assemble your camping gear.

One of the most challenging aspects of camping is the preparation of meals in the field. We know that part of the pleasures of camping is sitting round a camp fire with family and friends tucking in a mouthwatering meal, swapping stories and just being jolly.

However, while preparing for camping, many campers tend to overlook getting dinnerware that’s durable and outdoor friendly. They don’t realize this will make their camping trip more enjoyable and less stressful.

You may have a good camping grill or portable stove already but you need to save yourself the stress of turning over your kitchen drawers at the eleventh hour looking for suitable dinnerware for your trip.

Seeing that food is an essential factor for everyone and the lack of it can make some folks cranky, you have to prioritize mealtimes at camp and how to make them memorable. You will need to invest in quality dinnerware like the right camping plates, bowls, mugs and cutlery for serving your meals. Unless you plan on everyone eating straight out of the pots you would cook the meals in.

There are lots of choices to make out there so it can be overwhelming choosing the best products that will meet your needs. A good camping dinnerware should be relatively lightweight, compact, super-durable and easy to clean while in the field.

We will be giving you a buying guide in this post but let us first review some dinnerware that have received good reviews and ratings from verified users.

These products fall into different categories, materials and price ranges.

Best Wooden Dinnerware Set For Camping

Product Name –Earth’s Dreams Reusable Bamboo Dinnerware Set

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Product Rating – 4.2 Star


  1. Made from 85% biodegradable bamboo fiber

  2. 15% composition of melamine and starch is totally food safe

  3. Adequate for service for 4

  4. Versatile for both indoor and outdoor food service

  5. Temperature resistant; can be used for both hot and cold food

The Earth’s Dreams Reusable Bamboo Dinnerware Set is crafted for health conscious folks who use only environmentally friendly products.

This set is made with food safe materials which include recyclable bamboo fiber, melamine and starch.  Each item is then coated at a high temperature with premium organic decal. And finally, they are tested and proven to be toxin-free and certified by FDA.  

The materials used in the manufacturing of this set and the process employed solve the problem of harmful chemicals found in plastics. So what you have at the end of the day is a set you can use with confidence that your family would not ingest any form of toxins.

This set consists of the following items:-

4 10-inch dinner plates

4 8-inch salad/dessert plates

4 4.5-inch bowls

4 475ml cups

Complimentary 3.5-inch saucer

All these items are temperature resistant and can be used to serve both cold and hot food. Although heat resistant, this set is not advised to be used in the microwave but can be cleaned in a dishwasher.  For folks that do not like dishwashers, this set is non-porous and therefore stain resistant and thus easy to wash by hand.

The beauty of this set is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can use it for formal family gatherings or informal settings; it is a very versatile set.

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Best Wheat Straw Plastic Dinnerware

Product Name – BLBN Wheat Straw Plastic Plates

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Product Rating – 4.8 Star


  1. Made with top quality food safe materials

  2. Environmentally friendly

  3. Temperature resistant up to 248 ℉, dishwasher and microwave safe

  4. Comes in 4 different pastel colors

  5. Full refund or replacement for dissatisfied customers

The BLBN Wheat Straw Plastic Plates is an unbreakable and shatter-proof set of dinner plates that’s made of wheat straw fiber. This is a great alternative to porcelain, glass, ceramic or paper especially for camping.

Since folks are becoming increasingly wary of using plastic dinnerware, wheat straw is an alternative that has proven to be 100% toxin-free.  The combination of wheat straw fiber and food grade PP is BPA free so you have no fear of harmful chemicals in your dinnerware.

They are advertised as being microwave and dishwasher safe, but who goes camping with a dishwasher and microwave? Certainly not anyone who wants to be one with nature. So suffice it to say that these plates are easy to wash. You can also use them to serve hot or cold food.

These plates measure 11 inches in diameter which is adequate for both adult and kids. It is sturdy yet lightweight so it isn’t cumbersome for kids or seniors. In addition to that, it doesn’t transfer heat so can be handled with hot meals.

This set pairs well with other wheat straw dinnerware pieces from this brand. Best of all, it comes packaged in a cotton pouch that can also serve as storage for ease of transportation.

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Camping Mess Kit

Product Name –UCO 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit

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Product Rating – 4.8 Star


  1. Complete individual mess kit

  2. Plate and bowl comes with airtight seal

  3. Has a tether to secure every item in the set and keep them in one piece

  4. Bowl and plate has rubberized bottom to keep them firmly in place while in use

  5. Made with BPA ,Phthalate free and FDA food safe nylon

The UCO 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit is a complete individual dinnerware set. It is designed to withstand wear and tear as it delivers complete convenience for meal times on the go.

This set consists of a bowl, plate and a 3-in-1 spork utensil (this is a combination of a fork, serrated knife and spoon in one item). It also has a rope for tying all the items together.

The UCO 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit is ideal for camping situations where the group is not a single family unit. This would include kids’ summer camps, boys scout camp, hiking expeditions and such like adventures.

Every item in this set is made with reinforced glass nylon and is completely free of phthalate and BPA. It is durable, sturdy and yet lightweight. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe.

You can comfortable sit down to a meal whether at a table or a piece of rock. The plate and bowl in this set has nonslip rubberized grips underneath which would help to keep them firmly in place as you eat.

The cover and bowl are designed in such a way that the utility spork can reach every side you get every bit of food out. In addition to that, there is a double gasket that provides a leak proof seal when you close the lid.

Furthermore, the handle of the bowl and plate is comfortable to hold and also provides a nonslip grip.

Best of all, this kit comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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Best Durability and High Class Enamel Camping Dinnerware

Product Name: Stansport Enamel Camping Tableware Set

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Product Rating: 4.2 star


  1. Made of superior durable steel

  2. Perfect for family camping, roads trips, hiking and home use

  3. Lightweight and compact

  4. Superior stainless steel border

  5. Made with a pleasant double- coated glassy enamel

The Stansport Enamel Camping Tableware Set provides a high quality and affordable camping dinnerware for campers any day or season.

This camping dinnerware is a perfect kitchen accessory that provides the full sets of dishes as well as silverware for travelers, campers or anyone who loves to eat in style while on the go. It takes your outdoor dining adventure to another level for unparalleled durable strength with classic rural style.

It is rugged enough to be used for outdoor camping and fashionable enough to be used at home. It also provides everything needed for camping, outdoor recreation, hiking, gold discovery and emergency food prep.

This set is composed of the following-

4 pieces each of 4/10- inch spoons, forks and knives

4 pieces of 10.25- inch plates

4 pieces of 6-inch bowls

4 pieces of 12oz mugs

These pieces are dishwasher safe, easy to wash without retaining odor or stain. This set gives you a combination of durability and high class without harm because it is made of a harmless chemical.

With this camping dinnerware, you have a safe and perfect set you need for a stress-free camping.

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Best Lightweight Stainless Steel Camping Dinnerware

Product Name: Tebery 6 Pack Stainless Steel Plate Set Portable Dinnerware Set

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Product Rating: 4.7 star


  1. Made of top quality stainless steel

  2. Completely food grade and BPA free

  3. Brings a visible pleasant aura to your meal

  4. Has 8.6 inch ultra- portable size

  5. Dishwasher safe and can easily be cleaned

The Tebery 6 Pack Stainless Steel Plate Set Portable Dinnerware Set is an ultra-portable dinner set suitable for displaying different kinds of appetizer size meals. It is of high quality and would look elegant and fashionable on a dinner table.

A great thing about this dinnerware set is its inbuilt design for use in every weather condition and its compatibility with every terrain. It can adapt to any function be it indoors or outdoors. It is great for dinner, picnic, hiking, beach parties and barbecues. It is also rust free and the dishes are stackable within a minimal storage space.

This set saves you time when you wash it with water and soap. It is also dishwasher friendly. Also, it is great for folks who take pleasure in outdoor events. Finally, it is made with a lightweight high quality stainless steel which enables a trouble-free transportation.

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Best Unbreakable Lightweight Melamine Camping Dinnerware

Product Name: T-mark Melamine Dinnerware Set

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Product Rating: 4.1 star


  1. Manufactured with BPA free melamine

  2. It is light but unbreakable and durable

  3. Not microwave safe but safe in a dishwasher

  4. Easy to be stacked and space efficient

  5. Free replacement of a defective or damaged item

The T-mark Melamine Dinnerware Set is a multifunctional set you can use for any type of meal be it formal or causal. Even though it is made of melamine, it is high quality and stands out when used to serve any type of meal.

One thing about this set is its durability which enables it to resist cracking, breaking or chipping. In addition to this, it is light weight in comparison with ceramic. It is made of 100% melamine so there is no need to worry about breakage while transporting or using the plates. It can also adapt to indoor and outdoor functions.

This set is suitable for soup or salad, ice cream, dessert, pasta, steak, noodle, etc. They are ideal for party, recreation or home use and gives convenience for camping.

This set is composed of the following:

6 pieces of 10- inch dinner plates

6 pieces of 9-inch salad plates

6 pieces of 5/7-inch bowls

They are dishwasher safe but are not suitable for microwave because they are melamine products.  Notwithstanding, they are easy to wash and free from odor or stain.

This dinnerware will get you a lot of compliments as it serves as a good substitute for paper plates for any outdoor dining. It is a great addition to your ceramic ware.

Finally, it comes with a guarantee of replacement within twenty four hours if any received item is defective, or damaged when it is in use.

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Best Reusable Melamine Camping Dinnerware

Product Name: Picnique Reusable Melamine Plates

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Product Rating: 4.4 star


  1. Manufactured with top quality melamine

  2. Not microwave safe but can be washed on a dishwasher

  3. Versatile and unique dinnerware

  4. Maintains structure without fading or discoloration

  5. It is recyclable and durable

The Picnique Reusable Melamine Plates is made of a unique melamine material for camping, dinner, outdoor and everyday parties. It can comfortably be used to serve casual dinners, breakfast, picnic or any other outdoor events.

It is made of a versatile throwback design that makes the plates a timeless classic that can be reused for years to come. It is also rugged enough to resist most falls even on hardwood floor or concrete and can last for years.

The Picnique Reusable Melamine Set is composed of the following:

3 pieces of 7/5- inch dessert plates

3 pieces of 9- inch plates

3 pieces of 11- inch plates

3 pieces of 6- inch bowls The nine and eleven inch plates are sold in twelve and six packs. These pieces are very easy to clean and have a disposable plate look but as stated earlier, they last for years.

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Best Versatile Stainless Steel Camping Dinnerware

Product Name: Wealers Stainless Steel Camping Dinnerware Set

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Product Rating: 4.7 star


  1. Made with BPA-free strong materials

  2. Space-saving and stackable camp set

  3. It is scratch and rust resistant

  4. Includes a close packed travel case

  5. Comes with a ninety day warranty

The Wealers Stainless Steel Camping Dinnerware Set is an ultimate outdoor pack of bowls and plates ideal for beach trips, hiking, camping and summer trips. It is made up of twelve piece kits of small and big dinnerware for family members.

This is made of heavy duty stainless steel and the 12 stackable bowls and plates are unbreakable. In addition to that, it is recyclable and helps to reduce waste as well as save the environment.

This dinnerware is rugged enough for adult and children and also not difficult to clean. It equally comes with a complimentary top quality bag for storage. This bag has a handle that makes it easy for you to carry it along on your outdoor adventures.

Its stainless look makes it versatile in its use both at home and outside. What’s more, is the fact that it is scratch and rust resistant. Also, you can easily clean it as it is dishwasher safe.

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High End Melamine Camping Dinnerware Set

Product Name: Craft and Kin Melamine Dinnerware Set

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 Product Rating: 4.3 Star


  1. Manufactured with 100% melamine and BPA free materials

  2. Ideal for indoor and outdoor events

  3. It is lightweight yet unbreakable and durable

  4. Adequate set for service of 4

  5. Proudly designed in California

The Craft and Kin Melamine Dinnerware Set is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. It is ideal for camping and other outdoor events. This set is a polished dinnerware set that is a beautiful addition to the cookware in your kitchen as well for any camping trip.

This melamine set is designed with the comfort and beauty of your family and home in mind. The sturdy yet lightweight construction makes it unbreakable to bring style to your events. It is safe to be cleaned with a dishwasher but recommended to be stacked on the top rack.

This Craft and Kin Melamine Dinnerware Set is composed of 4 pieces of 6 inch wide x 3 inch high bowls.

These bowls would make your camping stress free at meal times and they are also easy to use at home. With its stackable design, you can easily store them in your kitchen cabinet. So they are also space efficient.

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Best Chip Resistant Glass Camping Dinnerware

Product Name: Danmers Dinnerware Set

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Product Rating: 4.2 Star


  1.  Dishwasher  and microwave safe
  2. Stackable design
  3. Makes a great gift item
  4. Chip and break resistant

The Danmers Dinnerware Set is made with a versatile premium material of an outstanding design for every family. It is a chip/ break resistant, long lasting, triple-layer solid glass set that’s easy to handle. It is also safe for kids’ use.

It comes with a unique Dandelion pattern of simplicity and elegance. This set is cadmium and lead free, does not fade and has FDA certification. It is also a perfect set for holiday present, housewarming, Christmas, thanksgiving or even a wedding gift for newlyweds.

You do not need to worry about high temperature or cold because this product has been tested professionally. It can move from the freezer to microwave; it would adjust to both temperatures.

Even though it is lightweight, it is durable and safe for daily use. This piece comes with 18 pieces and they include the following:

6 pieces of 10 ½ -inch dinner plates

6 pieces of 7 ½ -inch bread and butter plates

6 pieces of 5 ½-inch cereal bowl

This beautiful set has a smooth glassy surface, easily cleaned by dishwasher or hand and also saves you time as you wash. Its stackable design makes it space efficient so that it takes up little space in your kitchen cabinet.

Finally, it comes with multiple parts of protective film material that makes it anti- breakage.

It is on this list for folks who prefer to go camping with their fine dinnerware as it can withstand the wear and tear of camping.

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Buying Guide

We want to assist you to make up your mind as to the best camping dinnerware that will suit your needs and this is the reason for this buying guide. To make this crucial decision however, certain factors need to be taken into consideration.

Since there are different camping dinner wares in the market, you would want to purchase one that is both functional and fit for the purpose. You will not want to make a purchase only to discover that the product does not meet your needs or specification.

We shall therefore be considering some features we consider very important in making your final choice of the camping dinnerware that’s best for you.

What are the materials used for the dinnerware set?

There are different materials used in the manufacture of dinnerware sets and they are very important in the final outcome of the product. We want to consider some of the very commonly used ones.


Plastic material have some advantages when used in making camping dinnerware. They are light in weight and are break resistant so you can be sure of having them around for a long time. You can easily clean them although they are susceptible to cuts from knives and sharp objects.

Though plastic dinnerware do last for a long time, their quality can easily deteriorate due to discoloration. Kitchenware products made from plastic have raised a lot of health and environmental concerns in recent years as they are not easily biodegraded.

Some of these concerns have lowered the choice of plastic as a material for the manufacture of camping dinnerware. This has equally affected its use in making camping dinnerware. Plastic material however remains one of the most durable materials for camping dinnerware.

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Dinnerware made from enamel material is classier than the ones made of plastic material. Though they are not very heavy, plastic dinnerware are still lighter. The downside of enamel material is that they do easily chip off and are prone to being dented with slight pressure. Apart from these observed lapses, enamel material is good for camping dinnerware.

Another disadvantage of enamel material is that it conducts heat very well. This means that the heat of the food would be felt by the user unless placed on a table.  We know the likelihood of a table at a campsite is low. But in the case where your campsite has tables for serving food, or other means of avoiding direct contact with user’s hands/palms, then enamel remains in the running.

Finally, enamel material is similar to porcelain both in look and feel. So there is an air of class around enamel dinnerware.

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Aluminum material is known for being light in weight hence easy to carry from one location to another. Aluminum material is quite affordable hence it is used for many kitchen wares.

Chemical contamination of food from aluminum is however a source of concern as it can easily affect the color and taste of food. That is one major reason why manufacturers that use aluminum usually coat/overlay it with other food safe materials.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a well-tested material for cookware, dinnerware and kitchenware in general and has a reputation for durability. It can withstand harsh cooking conditions and does not stain or dent easily. Camping dinnerware made of stainless steel are however heavier than those made of plastic or enamel material.

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Titanium is a light strong grey corrosion resistant metal. It is quite durable, stain resistant and non-porous so it won’t affect the taste or color of your food. Titanium is however a more expensive material than plastic, enamel, aluminum or stainless steel.

If you want to know more about materials that dinnerware can be made of, we recommend one of our archived article on the most durable material for dinnerware.


When we talk of the durability of a camping dinnerware, it is a further probe on the material used in making such dinnerware. We acknowledge there are different materials for making dinnerware some of which we have not discussed here in details.

From the analysis we have made of the plastic, enamel, aluminum and stainless steel materials, we can safely look at the durability of each of them. Apart from these four materials which are amongst the most common materials for making camping dinnerware there other materials used in manufacturing camping dinnerware.  These include the melamine plastic variant, the tempered glass material and organic materials like wood, bamboo and the likes.

When we talk of durability, it’s clear that plastic, stainless steel, organic materials as well as titanium have a reputation for durability. Some other features may now stand one above the others in making a final choice of the best camping dinnerware.

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The weight of a cookware or camping dinnerware in particular is directly linked with the material used in manufacturing the dinnerware. To this extent therefore we still need to visit the materials we have enumerated and look at the weight of the different materials and its impact on the choice of camping dinnerware you will finally opt for.

It is taken for granted that camping dinnerware made of a light material would be preferred to heavy ones. This is because of the ease of moving the dinnerware to the camping location. It would also be safer and more convenient for children and the elderly to handle dinnerware of lighter material than the heavier ones.

The weight of the dinnerware alone would definitely not determine the camping dinnerware one would purchase or use for an outing. The class, age grade or status of the campers would also be an important determinant of the dinnerware to use.

 Whereas dinnerware made of plastic or aluminum material may be lighter to handle, they may not suit the class of persons to be hosted. Aluminum dinnerware could also pose a safety issue if hot food is served children and the elderly since it conducts heat fast.  


The utility of a camping dinnerware is also crucial in determining what dinnerware to purchase or use for camping or outdoor function. There is no doubt that the ability to use a set of dinnerware for various functions is a big advantage.

No one would want to carry different sets of dinnerware for an event if a set of dinnerware made of another material can be used for every item on the camping menu. Camping dinnerware made of stainless steel or titanium material are likely to be more versatile and adaptable for various uses than ones made from the other materials.

Dinnerware made of tampered glass may not be adaptable to certain uses in a camping environment. Some materials are amenable to oven or open fire heating while some materials would fare better with indirect heat.

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Price is at the root of every purchasing decision we make including what camping dinnerware to purchase. Apart from the budget you have already made for the purchase of a camping dinnerware, there are other variables that would determine how much you would be willing to spend on a camping dinnerware.

A camping or outdoor program for a children’s party would not require the same set of camping dinnerware as one for some elderly folks or business executives. The number of guests for such outing will definitely affect how much you would want to spend on camping dinnerware alone.

It follows therefore that the cost of the camping dinnerware you will want to purchase will be determined by the quality and number of your guests which will reflect on the quality and number of camping dinnerware sets you will be opting for.

From the analysis we have made so far it is clear that camping dinnerware made of plastic and aluminum materials fall within the low end products available in the market today. Camping dinnerware made of titanium and tempered glass materials are more expensive and would impact your pocket more.


What happens to your dinnerware or how to clean them after use is another issue that should be given due consideration in choosing a dinnerware for camping.

There is the option of making use of paper plates which are disposable. However, where and how to dispose them without posing environmental threat is another matter that can’t be glossed over. Even though this looks like the easiest and best option in the case of outdoor camping, the need to properly dispose of these dinnerware can pose a challenge.

Because of the problem of proper disposal enumerated above, washing your camping dinnerware seems to be the better option. At least the problem of how to adequately dispose of the dinnerware is taken care of.

So it is best to choose a dinnerware set that does not retain grease and can easily be cleaned with just soap and not choose camping dinnerware that needs special care in cleaning. Consider a product such as the Stansport Enamel Camping Tableware Set.

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From our review of the best dinnerware for camping available in the market today, we would recommend the Stansport Enamel Camping Tableware Set which is a combination of durability and high class, for outdoor camping involving highly esteemed guests.

Are you are looking for a camping dinnerware set you can use in every weather condition and terrain? The UCO 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit stands out. It is recommended for outdoor dinner, picnic, hiking, beach and barbecues.

The Earth’s Dreams Reusable Bamboo Dinnerware Set is a rugged but lightweight set that is unbreakable. It is made with organic materials and contains no toxic chemicals; this makes it ideal for family outdoor events and camping. Both children and adults would be comfortable with it as there is no fear of it getting broken.

From the review of these 10 dinnerware sets you will agree with us that it is the peculiarity of your camping demands that would ultimately determine the best dinnerware you would require for your camping. The decision is therefore yours to make!

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