Best Dinner Plates – 10 Varied Options To Choose From

No meal can ever be served without a container of some sorts. Today we are bringing you varied options of the best dinner plates that you can choose from. Why is this subject important? There are so many reasons but the one that ranks highest for us is the fact that presentation makes or mars meal times.

Ever looked at a meal and you were so drawn in by the presentation and started salivating immediately? I bet you have! Same way you may have missed a delicious meal because of the way and vessel in which it was presented.

So this piece is aimed at helping you improve the appetite of those you feed by using the best possible plates to serve them.  That way your efforts in the kitchen would not be wasted.

What Is A Dinner Plate

Before we go on to present the products, let’s give you a brief definition of a dinner plate. A dinner plate is a flat plate that’s used to serve the main course in a meal. Dinner plates and cereal bowls are the most used plates in most homes.

For folks who do not stand on ceremony at meal times, the cereal bowls are used to grab a bowl of cereal for breakfast while the dinner plates are used for other meals.  In situations where soup is served, the cereal bowl also comes in handy.

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So in our estimation, a dinner plate is a very importance piece of dinnerware if not the most important piece.  

So sit back and let’s get started…

High End Dinner Plates From Corelle

Product Name – Corelle 1135857 Dinner Plates

Product Rating – 4.6 Star


  1. Set comprises of 8 dinner plates

  2. Made with chip resistant triple layer strong glass

  3. Space efficient because of design which allows it to be stacked for storage

  4. Lightweight and very convenient and easy to handle

  5. Non porous and easy to clean

The Corelle 1135857 Dinner Plates is a classic dinner plate that’s designed with clean simple lines. It is on this list of dinner plates to consider because it is a high end plate that comes in classic white color. Its white color makes it a versatile set as it can be paired with any dinnerware set; both from the winter Frost White collections or other brands.

The design and color of this set makes it a timeless set; it always stands out no matter the day,time or occasion.  This dinner plate set is durably made with chip and crack resistant glass.  Though made with top quality material, it is lightweight and not cumbersome to use.

Furthermore, the Corelle 1135857 Dinner Plate set is very hygienic because it is nonporous and as such would not retain stains or other food particles.

This set is a great for folks who don’t have excess space in their kitchen cabinets. The design is such that it stacks compactly and doesn’t take up as much space as other types of plates. What’s more, this set is microwave and dishwasher safe; it can also be used in a pre-heated oven.

Finally, this set is made in America and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

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High End Ceramic Dinner Plates

Product Name – Klikel 6 Pack of Colored Dinner Plates

Product Rating -3.9


  1. Multicolored bright design

  2. Made with top quality material that’s chip, break and shatter proof

  3. Can be used to serve a variety of dishes

  4. Microwave, dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 320°F

  5. Measure 10.5 inches in diameter

The Klikel 6 Pack of Colored Dinner Plates is a high end stoneware set that adds some fun and light to your kitchen. It is designed with a black exterior and color on the inside (these colors include brown, red, green, yellow and navy blue).

This pack of 6 dinner plates is on this list because it is a high end dinner plate set made with durable ceramic.  In addition to that, these plates can be used to serve a wide variety of dishes and brightens up a dinner table when paired with white pieces.

These plates can go from oven to table and from table to dishwasher; this makes this set very convenient to use.  They can also be safely used in the microwave.

The 10.5 inch diameter makes this set adequate to be used for main dishes as well as snacks.  What’s more, you can use this set both for casual and formal meals. 

Best of all, it is nonporous and would not retain stain or food particles.

All the above features deliver durable quality that you can trust and add to your kitchen.

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Flowered Ceramic Dinner Plates For Salad And Appetizer

Product Name – Bico Flower Carnival Ceramic Salad Plates

Product Rating – 4.6 Star


  1. Made with lead and cadium free ceramic that’s FDA approved

  2. Combines strength, versatility and class all in one design

  3. Colorful design elevates dining experience

  4. Microwave and dishwasher safe

  5. Stackable  design that measures 8.75 inch in diameter

The Bico Flower Carnival Ceramic Salad Plates is a beautifully designed set that adds a pop of festivity to your dining experience. This set is on this list because of its size and festive design. It would make a great addition to the Corelle dinner plates set.

The 8.75 inch diameter makes this set appropriate for appetizers and salads. In addition to that, the glossy and smooth finish provides a canvas that makes the content more attractive and appetizing. With this set you can also mix and match your dinnerware set.

These functional plates are also space efficient as they are easily stackable to save space in your kitchen cabinet.  They are made with lead and cadium free ceramic that is FDA approved. This gives you the assurance that your family would not ingest toxin with their meals.

Finally, this set comes with a money back guarantee with means that you can return it and get your money back if you are not satisfied with your purchase. This therefore assures you are making a risk free purchase.

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High End Melamine Dinner Plates

Product Name – Certified International Talavera 11″ Dinner Plates

Product Rating – 4.5 Star


  1. Made with heavy duty and durable melamine

  2. Though advertised as dishwasher safe, it is best washed by hand for prolong durability

  3. Chip and break resistant

  4. Attractive and functional

  5. Comes at an affordable price

The Certified International Talavera 11″ Dinner Plates is a high quality melamine dinner plate set. This set is on our list because it is ideal for families with toddlers and seniors who love to use good quality dinnerware.

These dinner plates would withstand wear and tear for a long time and still look beautiful on your dining table. This is unlike ceramic or glass plates that are susceptible to cracking or breakage.

This set comprises of 6 dinner plates that measure 11 inches in diameter. This size is adequate for a wide variety of dishes and the 6 plates can be paired with other dinnerware set.

This set is advertised as microwave and dishwasher safe. However, from experience can safely advise that you do not put them in a microwave or wash in a machine. This is because melamine material would deteriorate faster if constantly used in a microwave or cleaned in a dishwasher.

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Best Decorative Porcelain Dinner Plates

Product Name – Bloom Flower Porcelain Plates Set

Product Name – 4.5 Star


  1. Measures 10.3 inches in diameter and is 1 inch high

  2. Set comprises of 6 dinner plates

  3. Made with eco-friendly food safe porcelain

  4. Comes in assorted colors that makes a great complement or addition to existing dinnerware set

  5. Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe

The Bloom Flower Porcelain Plates Set is ideal for all sorts of occasions whether formal or informal.

This set comes in assorted colors that add vibrancy to your kitchen and dining table. It is on this list because it is decorative and complements exiting dinnerware (especially white or plain colored ones).

Furthermore, this set is made with top quality porcelain that is food grade and nontoxic.  The high quality of the porcelain makes this set durable and as such can withstand everyday use.

Additionally, the ease of use of this set is enhanced by the fact that it is freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe.  You can also unpack, rinse and start using immediately upon receipt. There are no annoying stickers to remove from the plates.

Finally, this set would make a great gift item for any occasion or celebration.

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Wheat Straw Unbreakable Dinner Plates

Product Name – Greenandlife Wheat Straw Plates

Product Rating – 4.5 Star


  1. Made with all organic materials

  2. Space efficient smooth round edges

  3. Lightweight and convenient to hold and use

  4. Sturdy and durable

  5. Heat resistant up to 248 ℉

The Greenandlife Wheat Straw Plates is an ideal dinnerware set for folks who insist on eco-friendly dinnerware. And that is the major reason why this set is on our list of dinner plates to consider.

These plates are made with natural wheat straw, starch and other food safe PP materials. As you can already tell, these materials are toxin free and healthy for every member of the family.

It is designed in a space efficient style with round edges that are smooth. This design makes the plates easily stackable.

Though sturdily made, these plates are lightweight and very easy to hold and use. They are also scratch, cut, chip and break resistant but more food safe than most unbreakable dinnerware sets. This makes this set a very great substitute to plastic plates.

Additionally, it is heat resistant up to 248 ℉ and can be used in a microwave or cleaned in a dishwasher.  And this set is not too hot to handle when you get it out of the microwave.

Best of all, you get a full refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

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Best Mix And Match Dinner Plate Set

Product Name – Royal Doulton Pacific Tapas Plates

Product Rating – 4.6 Star


  1. Design follows the theme of an aquatic family of interesting  blue colors

  2. Each plate comes with an interesting pattern and design

  3. Makes a great accessory for boating, cruise ships or other nautical adventures

  4. Made of top quality porcelain

  5. Dishwasher and microwave safe

The Royal Doulton Pacific Tapas Plates is a set that’s reminiscent of the sea, beach and all thing nautical. It is on this set because of its mix and match design that gives you the freedom to use it in any combo that you like.

This set is also versatile enough for any kind of meal with a nautical, seaside or beach theme. The different patterns and designs lend a real festive look and feel to your table.

Aside from the aesthetics of this set, it is made with top quality porcelain which makes it food safe. In addition to food safety, this set is also convenient to use as it is microwave and dishwasher safe.  It would also make a great gift item and can be gift wrapped and sent directly to the recipient. 

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Best Wooden Dinner Plates

Product Name – AIDEA Acacia Wood Dinner Plates

Product Rating –   4.5 Star


  1. 100% handcrafted  and made in Vietnam

  2. Made with top quality acacia wood and is eco-friendly and toxin free

  3. Sturdily built yet convenient for everyday use

  4. It is not dishwasher, microwave and oven safe

  5. Scratch and chip resistant

The AIDEA Acacia Wood Dinner Plates is a 100% handmade wooden dinner plate set. This set is on this list because it is a good option for folks who love organic kitchenware.

It is also very ideal for families that have toddlers and growing kids. Additionally, it is a good deal for the elderly too. This set can withstand wear and tear and there is no fear of it chipping or breaking if it slips and falls from the user’s hands.

The 11 inch surface is adequate for the service of a wide variety of dishes and can also be used to as a charger.

Finally, this set comes in a beautiful box that makes it appropriate to be sent directly as a gift.

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Best Glass Dinnerware

Product Name-Corelle 18-Piece Service for 6

Product Rating – 4.7 Star


  1. Made with triple layer strong glass

  2. Complete service set for 6 persons

  3. Nonporous and easy to clean

  4. Made in America

  5. Comes with a 3-year warranty

The Corelle 18-Piece Service for 6 is a complete dinnerware set that comprises of dinner plates, soup bowls and salad plates.

The dinner plates are 10.5 inches, the soup bowls have a 22 ounce capacity while the salad plates measure 9 inches.  With this set you can set your dinner table for 6 persons and serve your starter, main dish and dessert.

This set is made with top quality material that is super hygienic which makes every item in this set food safe.  These items are also lightweight and easy to grip making for ease of use and clean.

With this set you also get a durable product that’s chip and crack resistant and one that can also be stored with minimal space.

What’s more, you have a 3-year warranty on this set.  So go ahead and add a touch of elegance to your dining table with this complete service set.

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Best Tempered Glass Set

Product Name – Duralex Made In France 3006AF06/4 Lys Dinner Plate

Product Rating – 4.6 Star


  1. Made with tempered glass

  2. Made in France

  3. Shock resistant and temperature adjustable from -4 degrees Farhenhiet to 266 degrees

  4. Chip and shatter proof

  5. Dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe

This Duralex Dinner Plate is a set of 4 high quality tempered glass plates. It is on this list because of its high quality material of manufacture which is tempered glass.  This material is 2 ½ times stronger than regular glass.

This feature makes this set shatter proof and able to withstand sudden temperature change.

You can buy this duralex dinner plate set because it is made in France by a brand that has been in business for over 80 years. These years of manufacturing experience has enabled them to make products that can withstand the test of time. It can also last through vigorous daily use; moving from freezer to microwave to table and then cleanup in the dishwasher.

So the theme of this dinner plate set is convenience, ease of use and durability; not forgetting a touch of class!

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Buying Guide

Now that you have taken the time to go through these product reviews with us, we know that you are probably chomping at the bit to go shopping.

Before you swing into action however, please take a few moments and read this buying guide section.

We would not go into full details about all that you need to know about buying dinnerware set. But we would give you a few essentials to bear in mind when shopping for dinner plates. If however you want a comprehensive guide on how to choose dinnerware set, then check out this archived article of ours.

The following are the factors to consider as you go shopping for dinner plates.

Size of Plates to Buy

Before you choose any set of dinner plates, you have to consider the type of meals you serve consistently. This would determine whether you need the average sized dinner plates or the extra-large ones that can also be used as chargers.

The ideal average size for a dinner plate is 10 inches. However, you find dinner plates that are 8.5 inches to 12 inches. The reason why we say that 10 inches is an ideal size for a dinner plate is that it would serve a regular portion of food.

But sometimes you find restaurants or events where wider dinner plates are used. This is mainly to give the chef freedom to present the food in more creative ways and also create an illusion of a more generous portion. 

That said if you are just buying dinner plates for your home, you can always make do with something in the neighbourhood of 10 inches (plus or minus).

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One other factor to consider when shopping for dinner plates is the design of the plates. In this case we would be considering what is often referred to as the lip or the rim of the plate.

The rim of a plate is that that outer part that extend beyond the circumference/surface that holds food. Let us point out here that the size of a plate may not take into consideration the lip of the plate. So if we say a plate is 10.5 inches, you need to check what kind of rim the plate has. This would affect the overall surface area  or the well of the plate that is available for food presentation.

Some have wide lips like the Duralex Dinner Plate while others have narrow lips like the Annovero Dinner Plates. And others still do not have any lip at all like one of the plates in the Corelle 18-Piece Service for 6 and the AIDEA Acacia Wood Dinner Plates.

All these types of lips would affect the overall size of the plate. This in turn would affect how many place settings you can have on a table and also ease of storage.


In considering the color of dinner plates to buy, individual preferences would surely come into play. But a word of advice to new homemakers; when in doubt, always err on the side of caution.

The color of caution is white and this is because it would always fit into any type of kitchen décor. Additionally, it would pair well with other dinner and kitchen ware that you buy in future. Furthermore a white dinnerware set would always look classy and can be paired with elegant table ware for formal events.

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Ease of Storage

Before you pick a particular dinnerware set, ensure that you measure your cabinet space. We have heard funny stories of folks who bought dinner ware that couldn’t fit into their cabinets and they have had to look for extra storage boxes for them.

Table/Place Setting

On the issue of place setting, you have to consider several factors before you make a purchase. These include the following:-

How big your dining table is and how many place settings do you need per meal?  This would help you determine the best size of dinner plates to buy.


Like we said at the beginning of this segment, we have a detailed article on how to choose dinnerware and we hope you’ve spared some moments to read it.

In rounding up this piece, let’s give you our 3 favorites. 

Our first favourite product is the Corelle 1135857 Dinner Plates because it is a high end product that would last a very long time.  Next in line is the Greenandlife Wheat Straw Plates. This comes in second because it is an organic product that gives the user peace of mind.

Last but not the least is the Certified International Talavera 11″ Dinner Plates. This set is a fun set that’s ideal for families with growing kids and seniors.

So now folks go ahead and make that purchase!

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